Sydney South SMC (VBA JV), for Road and Maritime Services (RMS)

New South Wales

NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) South Sydney road network includes 440 kilometres of roads, 201 bridges and eight tunnels, and stretches from south of Sydney Harbour, west to Parramatta and south to Royal National Park.

RMS contracted Ventia, in a joint venture with Boral Construction Materials and Amey, to provide a range of services including maintenance and improvement works, network operations support, operational asset management, incident management, event management and associated project management. 

As a result of our best-in-class asset management practices and our strong collaborative stewardship values, RMS is providing real value for money and, together with the road user, is able to enjoy reliable fit for purpose road infrastructure, as well as seamless delivery of road O&M, incident management and event management services.

RMS’ reputation has been enhanced through successful mobilisation of the Sydney South SMC, through delivery of greater than targeted improvement work projects in Year One and through the efficient procurement processes for projects up to $20M. The SMC project typically receives 15 to 20 positive feedbacks per month from customers and stakeholders.

Through our innovative approach to project delivery, VBA JV is able to provide value for our client whilst minimising impacts on road users. For example, on the Captain Cook bridge rehabilitation project, an innovative solution delivered savings of $200,000 (approx.) to RMS and also eliminated the need for more than forty road or lane closures during the project works.