Royal Adelaide Hospital

South Australia

To enable the South Australian Government’s model of care, utilising technology to enable the provision of safe care, reducing time spent on menial and administrative tasks, and increasing clinician-patient time, Visionstream has created integrated technology solutions for the new Royal Adelaide Hospital.

Visionstream worked with Hansen Yuncken in a joint venture to deliver the design and installation of information and communications technology (ICT), changing the hospital’s landscape of integrated health care.

The integrated ICT network supports a huge variety of hospital activities, including all operational data and voice services, meal ordering by patients, lighting control, telephony, access control, medical imaging and audio-visual content distribution.

The ICT Network is being designed with considerable capacity, scalability and expandability both in terms of the cabling and active devices. It is well positioned to adapt to changes to the hospital in future.

This level of integrated communications technology and capability makes the new Royal Adelaide Hospital the most technologically advanced health facility in Australia.