Pilbara ISA

Western Australia

Main Roads Western Australia was seeking a contractor that could deliver maintenance and improvement services across the Pilbara region which represents 25 per cent of the state of Western Australia.

The project maintains 2,975 kilometres of main roads and highways for heavy vehicle transport across the Pilbara from Kumarina in the south central to Port Hedland and from Pannawonica (south coastal) to Sandfire (north coastal) and Rippon Hills in the east.

The team, in collaboration with Main Roads Western Australia, has been successfully delivering improvement and maintenance works for over four years. The scope of work includes network operations, operational asset management, maintenance management and delivery and capital works.

We have received positive feedback throughout the project, having exceeded client expectations across Earned Value, Financial Forecasting, Incident Response Times, Compliance to Traffic Management Plans and Scheduled versus Inspection Audits.

We have also achieved very strong safety performance since project commencement.