Cross City Tunnel (Transurban)

New South Wales

Transurban owns and operates Sydney’s 2.1km Cross City Motorway Tunnel and needed a service provider that could provide full asset maintenance incident response services for its asset, which is critical for keeping Sydney motorists on the move.

Our scope of work includes maintenance of a complex Intelligent Transport System featuring full CCTV coverage, incident detection systems, real-time driver advisory systems, emergency telephone systems and communications networks. Ventia is also responsible for the maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems as well as traffic safety assets including signage and line marking.

Our maintenance services are helping Transurban keep Sydney motorists moving.

Ventia recently renegotiated the maintenance contracts for Sydney’s Eastern Distributor and Cross City Tunnel resulting in two 12-year contracts with Transurban.

Rather than continue our existing contract on the Eastern Distributor and our contract concluding on the Cross City Tunnel, we worked with Transurban to find a solution that responded to its changing business needs. The result was a win for both companies – we renegotiated two contracts to 2027 and Transurban now has maintenance contracts that reflect its changed strategic focus and direction.

In partnership with Transurban, our maintenance teams will focus on delivering safe, seamless incident management and maintenance services to enhance access, connectivity and travel time reliability for Sydney motorists.